Rebuilding after a tragedy.

Partners in Transformation

Those serving the poor and vulnerable strive to provide the highest quality of service yet continually feel the burden of having to do more with less. The success of these organizations requires persistent and determined focus on continuous improvement. By establishing long-term partnerships with select educational and social services institutions, GHR is affording them time and opportunity to create and innovate, to leverage resources for even greater impact, and to touch the lives of those they serve in more powerful ways.

Strengthening Women Religious

Aiding the poorest of the poor, the determination of these women through the ages has created the systems and methods to serve the world’s most vulnerable while paving the way for innovation. Without them, social services frameworks as we know them today would not exist. To ensure that their leadership and gifts to the world continue and grow, GHR is partnering with Catholic congregations to boost recruitment, retention, education, and formation of sisters in the US and Africa.

A Safe Haven

There are an estimated 143 million orphans and vulnerable children in the world. Separated from the care and protection of family for many reasons, the health, development, and very survival of these children are at risk. By promoting best practices and investing in programs that provide the care and stability of positive and long-term family environments, GHR is helping to improve the lives of vulnerable children, bringing them from jeopardy to safety.

An Interfaith Approach

The symptoms of suffering and poverty affect everyone, regardless of faith. As different faith groups work together to solve pressing social problems in their communities, they learn that even in faith they are more alike than one might imagine. By investing in interfaith programs designed to ease human suffering, GHR is promoting increased understanding, mutual respect and peace in communities around the world.

Fighting the Odds

With an estimated 35 million people worldwide diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and approximately two caregivers for each person affected, this disease impacts more than 100 million people—and the number is growing exponentially. GHR is investing in cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research, development, and interventions, and hopes to not only improve the lives of those living with Alzheimer’s but to ultimately help identify a cure for the disease.

About the GHR Foundation

The GHR Foundation was founded in 1965 upon the belief that through mutual love and respect for all humankind, the world will be a better place where poverty, illiteracy, intolerance and chronic health issues (both physical and mental) will be eased. We employ Catholic social values, entrepreneurial creativity, and the spirit and practice of transformational philanthropy to achieve this goal. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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